Citytrip Amsterdam

Hi girls,

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with school. It was an one hour drive and we went with a few classes. The bus trip was so much fun and we were really looking forward to visit Amsterdam. We had an amazing day and took a couple of nice pictures.


The first place where our bus stopped was ‘t IJ, this is a lake, formerly bay, near the centre of Amsterdam. It is known as Amsterdam’s waterfront. Its name is an obsolete Dutch word meaning “water”. The subject of our assignment was water and we had to take a look at a new building program where houses were build in the water. It was fun, and we took some cool pictures, but we all hoped we were going to the centre of Amsterdam so that we could shop a bit 😉


The next stop was Waterloo square, we actually wanted to go to Dam square because most of the stores we wanted to visit are near Dam square, Forever21 for example. It was 11:30 and we had to be back on Waterloo square at 14:15, which meant we had enough time to shop! 😉

From Waterloo square it was a fifteen minute walk to Dam square. We all had been in Amsterdam before but no one knew how to walk to Dam square, so we found our way through navigation. There was a fair on Dam square so when we walked for a couple of minutes, we saw a big Ferris wheel, so we were close to Dam square! 🙂

kimono IMG_4198 IMG_4178

We went shopping and I bought a kimono at Forever21, it has a beautiful blue colour and a white tile print. As I already told you, there was a fair on Dam square and me and my friends went into a 60 meter high carousel and we enjoyed the beautiful view of Amsterdam from above.


We all had an amazing day and when you have the chance, you should really visit Amsterdam someday!

What is the capital city of you country? And have you ever visited Amsterdam or do you want to visit it? let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned and get styled by me,


Kimono Forever21:


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