Summer must have: HATS

So it’s been a while since I wrote my last fashion post, it’s been a while since I wrote a new post in generally, but I’ve got a lot of time to write some news posts these weeks because it’s summer, which means no more school for me for the next 8 weeks!

So I thought, since it’s summer, let’s write a post about hats! Hats are definitely a must have during summer time, because you don’t want to get a sunburned head, do you?! It’s also better for your hair to wear a hat when the sun is shining bright.

I think that were enough reasons to buy yourself a nice, new hat, here are some cute options for you:

The black brim hat

brim hat blackbrim hat black 2

I think we all know this one, the black brim hat, you see them everywhere on the internet. Tumblr, we heart it, webshops but also on the streets. I love a black brim hat, you can pair them with whatever you want and you can wear it all year long, it’s not especially a summer hat. But during summer I would wear it with white, I think white is always a  good idea during summer and it gives you a very clean look. Your black brim hat definitely makes your outfit complete! For an extra summer touch you can go for a black brim hat with a colorful belt around it.

brim hat black 3black brim hat detailblack brim hat 4

Floppy hat neutral color

floppy hat 2 hat 5 floppy hat 5

A floppy hat in a neutral colour is perfect for summer, you can also pair it perfect with a white outfit and with so much other outfits. If you want a hat in a neutral colour I would go for a light to dark brown colour hat. A neutral hat can look very casual but also very classy.

hat 3 neutral hat 3 neutral hat 6

Floppy hat burgundy

 burgundy hat 1 burgundy hat 3 burgundy hat 5

A hat in the colour burgundy it’s a big trend at the moment. I think this is a very pretty colour for a hat which looks good on almost every skintone and hair colour. This hat isn’t only perfect for summer, but also for fall (don’t want to think about fall yet). If you want to give your hat an extra touch, add some feathers or a little belt. You can costumize your own hat the way you want it to!

burgundy hat 6burgundy hat 2

Straw hat

straw hat 3straw hat 5

I think this is my alltime favourite, the straw hat. It’s just perfect for summer, it protects your head, looks cute and it isn’t warm at all. You have straw hats in all diferent kinds of sizes and colour. I love them!

straw hat 9straw hat 6straw hat 7

White / cream hat

white hat 2 white hat white hat 8

What’s the best colour to wear when you have a tan? Yes, white. So if you’re very tan during summer I would recommend buying a white hat. It’ll probably makes you look even more tanned! Isn’t that what you want?!

white hat 5white hat 7 cute 2

Baseball caps

cap 3cap 2

And of course last but not least, a baseball cap. I think it looks super cute during summer, especially a white or dark blue one.

I hope you have found some inspiration for your perfect summer hat! Which one is your favourite? let me know!

Stay tuned and get styled by me,



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