Hot now: Flash tattoos

Hi everyone, since it’s summer I thought it would be nice to talk about a big summer trend this year: The flash tattoo.

You’ve been seeing this everywhere lately, especially on sites like Tumblr and We Heart It. Flash tattoos are fake and shiny tattoos and you see them especially in the colours gold and silver, but also in black and sometimes in more colourful colours like blue.

Flash tattoo 4 flash tattoo 5

Flash tattoos are available in all different sizes, symbols and colours. There are pineapples, elephants and palm tree tattoos but also jewellery tattoos like bracelets, necklaces and even body chains.

flash tattoo 14Flash tattoos 1

You can wear the flash tattoos everywhere, on your hands, your feet, your back, above your breast and even on your face. I wouldn’t wear it on my face, because I think that’s a little too much, but it can look very cool when you go to a festival like Coachella or something like that.

Flash tattoosflash tattoo 7  flashtattoo 12\

I think my favourite flash tattoo is the Mandala tattoo, especially the silver one or a silver one with a little gold detail. I would wear the Mandala tattoo on my back.

flash tattoo 8 Flash tattoo 11

Like I already said, there are also colourful tattoos. I prefer the silver and gold ones but flash tattoos with colour can also look very cute, like on these pictures:

Flash tattoo 3 flash tattoo 13

But how to apply these very cool tattoos? 

Well, it’s very easy, do you remember those tattoos you got when you were little when you bought chewing gum? Well it works exactly the same, place the tattoo face down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for about 30 seconds. And voilà, you have an amazing flash tattoo! Make some nice braids in your hair and put some cool jewellery on and your look is totally summer and festival proof!

flash tattoo 6 flash tattoo 9 hair

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my new post and I thought it would be nice to add some quotes to my posts, so in every new post I’ll add a quote in the end of it.

Here is the quote for this post:

quote Have a nice summer!

(All the pictures I used are from

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12 thoughts on “Hot now: Flash tattoos

    1. Wat leuk dat je me genomineerd hebt! Ik reageer een beetje laat maar ik was op vakantie en mijn wifi was niet zo goed. Ik ben van plan eerst nog wat andere posts te schrijven. Maar hij komt binnenkort zeker online! Heel erg bedankt voor het nomineren 🙂 x

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    1. I bought them in a store, but you can also buy them on the internet of course! I think it depends on your country and what flash tattoos you want, so I don’t have one special site I recommend. Just take a look on the internet! I hope you’ll find your perfect flash tattoos! xoxo


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