Hot now: The Balayage hairstyle

You’ve probably heart about this hairstyle or maybe you already have it yourself, the Balayage hairstyle is hot right now!

But what is balayage? 

Balayage is a French colouring technique. It’s a technique where they don’t use foiling or cap highlight techniques. The hairdresser colours your hair by hand and your hair gets a sun-kissed look. You don’t have to be afraid of outgrowth hair and this hairstyle is possible with hair of any kinds, long, short, blonde, brown and black hair!  This hairstyle sounds amazing right?! Here is some inspiration for you:

Blonde hair

balayage 2balayage 4balayage 3

So here are three different examples of a blonde balayage hairstyle. In the first picture you see the ombre effect very clear because in this hairstyle they used a dark brown colour and a light blonde colour.

The hair colour from the second picture is perfect for fall in my opinion. The colour in the third picture is my favourite and if you ask me, perfect for any season.

Brown hair

balayage 5balayage 6  balayage 7

This hairstyle looks great on girls/women with brown hair. Again you can go for an obvious ombre effect (first picture) or more of a soft look (second picture).

Although you see this hairstyle mostly with some beachy waves, it also looks great on straight hair (third picture).

Very dark or black hair

balayage 8  balayage 9balayage 10

Most girls with dark brown/black hair go for a light brown balayage look (The first and third picture). But you can also go for blonde highlights, which, I think looks super cool with some beachy waves! (second picture)

balayage 15balayage 14balayage 12

The balayage hair trend looks very cute with a short haircut. Curly or straight hair, it’ll look amazing!

balayage 13

Style your balayage hairstyle with a nice hat and it will look even better. Want some inspiration for a new hat? click here to read my post about hats.

And? Have you already fallen in love with this hairstyle just like me? When I was writing this post I was seriously considering getting this hairstyle myself. So if you want a new look for fall, go to your hairdresser and get this balayage hairstyle!

Stay tuned and get styled by me,



14 thoughts on “Hot now: The Balayage hairstyle

    1. Misschien een tip om wat plaatjes van balayage die jij mooi vindt in jou haarkleur op te zoeken? Die kun je dan aan je kapper laten zien en dan kan hij/zij kijken of dat mogelijk is. Heel leuk dat je mijn blog volgt! Dankjewel 🙂 x


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